The Smallprint Experience - Order online or in person

The Smallprint Experience - Order online or in person

Depending on the item of jewellery and your location, you have a range of ordering options. Our product description symbols will let you know:

Order in person: fingerprint impressions made directly onto the piece.


The ultimate in fingerprint jewellery. Where you see this symbol on a product description, it means you may have the option of having the fingerprint impression made directly onto the piece (depending on your location). Locate your nearest jeweller for the ultimate Smallprint experience.

Fingerprint impression

Order online: print kit available.


Where you see these symbols, you can include a handprint/footprint kit or fingerprint kit with your order. After taking your print you can send it to us using our print uploader. Alternatively, you can locate your nearest jeweller and have the print taken in person.

Handprint footprint fingerprint kit

Order online: take a photo of existing print or clay cast.


If you already have a handprint, footprint, ink fingerprint, or even a clay cast, you can take a photo of it and upload the image with your order. Use your smartphone to take a close-up photo and complete your order online. So easy!

Handprint footprint fingerprint upload